Working as a Massage Therapist in Ibiza | Hayley’s Story

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work as part of a team of massage therapists with Ibiza Angels?

Well, here is your chance to find out! We asked Hayley a series of questions about her time with us in Summer 2017!

Introducing Ibiza Angel, Hayley

Hayley comes from Northumbria, UK and is a qualified physiotherapist with a first class BSc Honours degree.

Why did you want to join Ibiza Angels?

“I wanted to work with an established company which is accredited in both the UK and Ibiza.”

What is your role within Ibiza Angels? What venues/events are you part of as an Ibiza Angel?

I am a massage therapist, primarily at Ocean Beach Club and Café Mambo. We also provided 10 minute massages at exclusive events, weddings and brand campaigns in Ibiza throughout the season.”

How long have you been with Ibiza Angels?

“I have been with Ibiza Angels for two seasons and I am looking forward to returning for my third season in May 2018.”

What do you like most about working with Ibiza Angels?

“I love all the girls I work with; going to work with them is like going to work with your best friends ”

What was your typical day/lifestyle like in Ibiza?

“Ridiculous! Every day I would get to work in the sunshine and I still had time to do the things I enjoyed such as the gym and eating out with friends. On a typical day, I woke up, had breakfast out, went to the gym and then work. After work there was plenty of time to socialise with my friends.”

What was the most enjoyable part of your day as an Ibiza Angel?

“I loved going to work – the music and atmosphere was so much fun!”

What were your plans for the end of the season?

“At the end of the season, like last year, I went travelling for a couple of months.”

Best ‘Ibiza Angels Moment’ last season?

“Massaging Pixie Lott – she was my teenage icon growing up!”

What is your favourite thing about Ibiza?

“I love the well-established music scene, from the beach bongo drum players to the super clubs that hold thousands of people. The music in Ibiza brings people together from all over the globe.”

Can you sum up your job with Ibiza Angels in one sentence?

“Fun in the sun! It doesn’t feel like work!”